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Do you need to brush up on the periodic table? inFact Atoms will make learning, retaining, and testing your knowledge of the atomic elements fun! This app is perfect for students of science and just about anyone who is interested in exercising their brain. If you think you know a little about the periodic table now, play this game and shore up your knowledge until you're an expert! If you don't know much about it, play this game to give yourself a working knowledge of the basic facts.

The game consist of more than one thousand facts pertaining to the elements, including symbols, group, block, period, atomic number, natural state, category, atomic weight, and discovery year. Choose any combinations of categories. Do you just want to learn the symbols? Play with only that one category. Want a broader base? Select a few categories. Or enable them all.

You can also control the mode of play. Select scoring mode to rack up points and keep track of your progress. You have a limited amount of time to answer each question. Better think fast! Don't want the pressure of a timer? No problem. Use learning mode to answer each question at your own pace. A perfect way to build your knowledge without stress!

The choices created for each question are created dynamically at the time of play to ensure the best playing experience. The facts are presented in thousands of combinations, keeping the game fresh, lively, and challenging for each session.

Play to win. Play to beat your last score. Play to beat your friends' scores. Play to discover new facts. With inFact Atoms, you'll have fun & learn at the same time. A winning combination!

Now available on the iPhone App Store

inFact Atoms Version 1.0

  1. -Scoring mode with clock, levels, and lives

  2. -Learning mode for leisurely play and education

  3. -Global high scores (uses Game Center)

  4. -Optional sound effects

  5. -Game saved upon exit or phone call

  6. -Over 1,000 source facts

  7. -Full on screen instructions

  8. -Choose from 1-9 categories

  9. -Price: Free

inFact Atoms v 1.0

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