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Is the capital of Switzerland Zurich, Geneva, or Bern?  Are the Andes Mountains in Ecuador? What country's people speak Dari?  Can you pick the flag of Australia out of 3 choices?  These and hundreds of other questions await you in inFact World.

The game contains hundreds of facts pertaining to the countries of the world, including capitals,  flags, languages, and continents.  There are geographical features such as rivers, mountains, lakes, and more.  Choose the right answers to ace the quiz and advance your level, or turn off scoring to use the game as a learning tool. Customize the game by choosing only the categories you want. For example, you can enable capitals, flags, and continents to use the game as a study aid. Leave all the categories enabled to enhance your overall knowledge of the countries of the world.

The choices presented for each question are dynamically created at the time of play, so hundreds of facts are presented in thousands of different combinations, keeping the game fresh, lively, and challenging for each session.

Play to win. Play to beat your last score. Play to beat your children's score.  Or play to discover new facts. With inFact World, you'll have fun and learn at the same time.  A winning combination!

inFact World Version 2.1

  1. -Three difficulty levels

  2. -Scoring mode with clock, levels, and lives

  3. -Learning mode for leisurely play and education

  4. -Top 10 high scores saved

  5. -Optional sound effects

  6. -Game saved upon exit or phone call

  7. -Over 1,000 source facts

  8. -Full on screen instructions

  9. -Choose from 1-6 categories

  10. -Price: $0.99

inFact World v 2.1

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